An Accidental Barista

A little about me and how I got here…

Who would have thought it! I never envisaged myself owning my own Coffee Shop…….or that I would LOVE it so much…………………..

Until last year I worked full time as a midwife on the Labour Ward, and absolutely loved it; what a privilege! When my husband and I saw this pretty place for sale and having dabbled in Wedding Cakes for a little while (when I say dabbled, read: my lovely hubby getting increasingly frustrated with all of my sugar flower equipment and sugar flowers taking up all available surface space), we thought it would be a good move to relocate all of that to here.

In my head it was going to go like this….. I would come here on my days off from the ward and bake to my heart’s content… quickly became addictive to the extent I gave up being a midwife (which I do miss, especially the other lovely and talented midwives).

So here we are…… I work with a brilliant team of women each of them fabulous individually and together, wow!

And now it is August! Was I the only one that thought winter would last all year? How wrong was I?? Hands up all those enjoying this fabulous weather, I definitely am at every chance I get. Not that the heat-wave hasn’t presented us with a few challenges mind you:

The kitchen here becomes and oven (excuse the cheap pun). Diane, Kerry and Amanda find it difficult and so when they can they swap places to give each other a break. I had some wedding cakes to have ready for the same day last week, if that wasn’t enough of a stress on its own, but trying to keep your butter-cream cool is no easy task in 33 degree heat let me tell you! Cue 4.30 am starts and 1 am finishes to work in the coolest part of the day.

In the coffee shop we have flung our doors open to the summer to let a cooling breeze blow through and we have fans blowing, we also have a new outside area for this summer too so if you want to max out on the gorgeous sunny days here is the place to do it……….

Looking forward to seeing you,