Two for Joy


I am so happy! For almost a year I have been driving into work, the same route, taking the first left at the last roundabout and most days I see a single magpie. You know how the rhyme goes….”one for sorrow, two for joy….etc”. So I say to myself that little ditti “hello Mr Magpie, how is your wife and family”. Why do I do that?


Magpies pair up for life and usually fly around together foraging for food and bright sparkles and so to see one on its own is seen as a sad thing, a presumption that one of them has been lost, killed, attacked, gone somehow. Ever the optimist I choose to think that Mrs Magpie is at home feathering the nest, rearranging all of the pretty baubles he brings home, or putting her feet up while the little ones are having a nap. And so I say good morning to him and enquire after his brood.


I have taken to looking out for him now on my daily drive in to Hedon, but for the last two weeks, despite me slowing right down and scanning the verges I haven’t seen him at all and I was beginning to feel sadder than just seeing ‘one for sorrow’. Then last night driving home I saw not one but two magpies!! I was ridiculously overjoyed at this occurrence and drove home with a beam on my face. And what’s more……on the drive in this morning, there they both were happily hopping about their roundabout having a lovely Saturday brunch together!! Today is going to be a good day…….


Finding joy in the littlest of things is a good place to start your day x