Escape To The Chatty

Do you have TV programmes on your hard drive that are for you to watch when you are alone and will be completely undisturbed? Programmes that your other half may find too ‘fluffy’ or have been repeatedly played so much that she/he groans and moans as soon as they come on the screen? I confess[…]

Two for Joy

  I am so happy! For almost a year I have been driving into work, the same route, taking the first left at the last roundabout and most days I see a single magpie. You know how the rhyme goes….”one for sorrow, two for joy….etc”. So I say to myself that little ditti “hello Mr[…]

An Accidental Barista

A little about me and how I got here… Who would have thought it! I never envisaged myself owning my own Coffee Shop…….or that I would LOVE it so much………………….. Until last year I worked full time as a midwife on the Labour Ward, and absolutely loved it; what a privilege! When my husband and[…]